(tdy) Travel Allowances - Defense Travel System
Appendix are to be used in place of TDY allowances in the JFTR and JTR (with exceptions . Travelers are not reimbursed for rental car insurance coverage .

(See JFTR, para. U2510 and JTR, para. C1310.) 040702. Mileage Charges. When a mileage charge is included in the cost of a rental vehicle, the total cost of .


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Personally Procured Move
The JFTR weight allowances are applicable in connection with TDY, PCS, ETS . The operating allowance helps defray the cost of rental vehicle, gasoline, oil, tolls . check your automobile insurance policy to see if you are properly covered in .

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on renting cars on official travel: http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil ...
IAW the Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR), the rental car. Damage Insurance Coverage cannot be reimbursed in the Continental US. (including. Alaska .

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TDY Travel Allowances
constructed cost (JFTR, par. U3310-A1/JTR, par. C2150-item 8). NOTE 1: A traveler is not reimbursed for rental car insurance coverage purchased in the U.S. or .

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Joint Federal Travel Regulations - Office of the General Counsel ...
Except for transportation to obtain OCONUS medical care (JFTR, par. . charged by rental car companies for costs incurred unique to doing business with the .

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A privately owned conveyance (POC) or rental car cannot be directed. . For rules on insurance and damage on rented vehicles, see JFTR, Chapter 3, Part E or .

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DoD Financial Management Regulation Volume 9, Chapter 4 July ...
his or her POC as more advantageous (JFTR, paragraph U3305) is paid per diem for actual travel time not to . When the traveler is authorized and uses a commercial rental vehicle (JFTR, paragraph . When extra collision insurance is not .

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Naval Postgraduate School - Frequently Asked Questions
Jan 17, 2012 . What happens if I take leave during TDY and I have a rental car? . U3125-B2a or U3125-B2b.” Ref: JFTR/JTR Appendix O T4020 B.4.b. . rental agency if not covered by your own automobile insurance when renting a car.

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Rental Car and Truck Services, Part I, Chapter 106
Aug 30, 2012 . It is mandatory to obtain rental vehicle reservations through the CTO, when available. . rate includes full liability and vehicle loss and damage insurance . GARS is a reimbursable expense as specified in the JFTR/JTR, .

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Appendix G: Reimbursable Expenses On Official Travel
Reimbursement of these expenses is covered in JFTR, Ch. 3, Part F, and . Mandatory rental car insurance coverage required in foreign countries. l. Snow tires.

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TDY Rental Vehicles
You pick up a rental car at the airport and arrive at your hotel in . Regulations ( JFTR and JTR) require you to rent the lowest cost rental that meets the mission . Government and Citi, insurance coverage may exist to protect the government .

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REVISED ATTACHMENT 14 (Effective April 15, 2010 - Move.mil
A member can use any privately owned vehicle, direct hire or rental of a conveyance ( . allowance equal to the constructed expenses for transportation ( JFTR, para. . move to check their automobile insurance policy to determine if they are .

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JFTR Question for Creech - Topic
According to what I've read in the JFTR (unless I'm reading it wrong), . to Nellis( with or without permission to rent a car at their expense) then .

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Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR)
are not covered under the JFTR unless the travel and transportation is mission . rent for the apartment occupied by the member and dependents that may be . fees (transaction fees) for arranging transportation, rental car and hotel/motel . Trip insurance in a foreign country to cover potential damage, personal injury, .

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General Travel Provisions, Part I, Chapter 102
Aug 30, 2012 . Transportation of dependents must be IAW JFTR, Chapter 5, Part C, Dependent . Availability of life insurance, and procedures to be followed when . rental car/ truck, rail, and water reservations, group movements, and .

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BAH FLOWCHART - Marine Corps
BAH-Partial is explained in JFTR paragraph U10010 and is for when a Mbr resides in . (i.e. remaining balance from the rental or leasing agreement, storage of furniture, etc.) . Auto Maint (Fuel/Etc) . . . . . . . . . . . . .$______. 11. Auto Insurance.

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Human Resource Development Advisory Committee (HRDAC)
Are receipts for all expenses of $75.00 or more and all lodging, rental car, airline invoices and . Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR) dated 1 March 2010; Joint Travel . No insurance required if using agency with SDDC agreement; Vehicle .

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WELCOME DTS Class P-115: Travel Policy
Volume 1 (JFTR); Military members . Rental Car Reimbursable Items: Rental . DTMO agreements mandate inclusive insurance; Extra insurance WILL NOT be .

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Defense Travel Dispatch Winter 2011
The U.S. Government Rental Car Agreement has recently been updated with significant input . Citi® and VISA® offer trip, life, and accident insurance coverage for those travelers with . (JFTR) and the Joint Travel Regulations ( JTR) permit .

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Indian Health Manual (IHM) - Chapter 8 - TravelHome
Unless specifically authorized in the FTR/JFTR, no other travel agencies may be used . The travel voucher auditor will review rental car agreements for information . Employees may not be reimbursed for the cost of any insurance for official .

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JFTR]. The JFTR contains basic regulations concerning official travel and transportation of . expenses such as gasoline, insurance, and mileage fees.50 . Conference planners are encouraged to use companies and rental car locations .

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DoD asks Congress to simplify travel regulations « American Society ...
Apr 30, 2010 . The JFTR and JTR need to be improved in a variety of ways, by=ut must . a person $325 a day for lodging, food and rental car and put into the .

Nov 21, 2008 . Joint Federal Travel Regulations Introduction INTRODUCTION TO JOINT FEDERAL TRAVEL REGULATIONS, VOLUME 1 (JFTR) .

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